Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)

  • Lights use a lot of energy. You can save energy in your house by turning off the lights when you leave a room. Your parents can also save energy by buying energy-efficient light bulbs. I use these light bulbs to save energy in my energy smart house!

    The older types of light bulbs are called “incandescent (IN-CAN-DES-ENT)” bulbs. If you look closely at these light bulbs when they are turned off, you can sometimes see a little coil of wire inside (if the light bulb is white or colored on the outside, the wire is hard to see). When the light is turned on, the wire gets very hot and glows brightly. The whole light bulb gets very hot, because it uses a lot of energy. Don’t touch these light bulbs when they are on!

A compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), also called compact fluorescent light, energy-saving light, and compact fluorescent tube, is a fluorescent lamp designed to replace an incandescent lamp; some types fit into light fixtures formerly used for incandescent lamps. The lamps use a tube which is curved or folded to fit into the space of an incandescent bulb, and a compact electronic ballast in the base of the lamp.

The newer, energy-saving light bulbs are called “compact fluorescent (FLOR-ES-SENT) lights” or CFLs. These light bulbs work by making a gas inside them glow. Because they don’t use a glowing hot wire, they are cooler when they are turned on. They get warm, but they don’t get too hot. That means they use less energy to make the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb.
CFLs cost more than incandescent bulbs, but they last a lot longer. Your parents would have to buy 13 incandescent light bulbs in the time it takes for one CFL to burn out. And because CFLs use less energy, they save money on your parents’ electric bill!


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